About Us

Hi! I’m Brit and my daughter is Wren. We’re so glad you’re here!

Before earrings I was making bows.. lots and LOTS of bows. It became so unmanageable it was starting to negatively affect my family, especially my kids. Entrepreneurship is in my blood and a creative outlet for me, it was hard thinking about throwing everything I’ve built out the window but my family comes first. At this same time my daughter Wren (insert cute pic) started asking to get her ears pierced. I have extremely sensitive ears and hadn’t worn earrings for years and was afraid she’d have the same problem. So my journey of finding the perfect earrings started. I had samples sitting in different types of water on my counter and wore them for months testing it all out. I noticed I could wear the same pair for weeks to the gym, pool, etc with no irritation. I knew I finally nailed down the perfect material/style and felt confident in what I had. Not knowing how it would go I took a leap and placed an order for our first 6 months of earrings in Nov ‘21. Pierced Co was born!

We are so confident in our product we have a 100% sensitive free guarantee. 

It’s been the best journey and my favorite part is doing this all with Wren. I love being a mother-daughter owned business. I’ll see inventory missing and it’ll be in her backpack ready to pass out to all the girls at school and dance. She squeals with each new style that arrives and loves her job of putting stickers on the packages (sorry if they arrive upside down). I feel honored we get to grow this brand together and I hope to pass the reigns over to her one day.

Thanks so much for being here. It means the world! I’m so glad we can provide earrings that will be safe and comfortable for you and your girls. 

XO, Brit & Wren