Earring Collections

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel & 100% Guaranteed

Why Our Flat Screw Backs

  • Custom - We have custom posts made that are thinner and shorter than other screw back earrings making them perfect for children.

  • Secure - Screw backs are the most secure option because in order to get them off you have to unscrew the back unlike other earrings that you can pull out.

  • Safe - Due to screw back earrings being harder to take out they make the safest option for kids and minimize choking.

  • Comfortable - Due to the covered up back it prevents poking the ear. It also prevents traditional butterfly backs from embedding in the earlobe and causing infections. No more poked ears, YAY!!

Why Our Special Clip Ons

  • Allergen Free - Our clip on backs are made of resin and perfect for those with any metal allergy or sensitivity. We guarantee they won't cause infection.

  • No Pinching - We like to call our clip ons "slip ons" because they don't actually clip like traditional options. Ours slide on and are by far the most comfortable option available. The "slide on" prevents any pinching that clip ons are nortorious for.

  • Inclusive - Just because you (or your little) don't have pierced ears doesn't mean you can't have cute, sensitive free options.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I got my daughter normal earrings and she was so annoyed they weren't your screw backs. So you've set the bar in our house!"

Rylie K

"My daughter absolutely loves her first set of earrings! They are so cute and comfortable with the flat back. My daughter has not wanted to take them off since she got them! We cannot wait for our next set!"

Shaina H

"Subscribed planning to hoard for my toddler who has never once let me change her earrings. And to my surprise- she wanted them in immediately & she adores them. She is constantly showing them off to whoever she can and she does not want to take them out! 💗 We are big fans for sure & cant wait to keep getting more fun options! Thank you so much for an easy way to build a quality earring collection for our little lady."

Alysha L

"These earrings are safe and secure. My little one receives so many compliments on them. They have survived pools, showers, and the beach. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a fun subscription for your little princess."

Farah C