Earring Care & FAQ


  • 100% guaranteed! We are so confident our earrings are completely sensitive free that we guarantee them 100%! If they cause any irritation send an email to hello@piercedco.com within 7 days of your package being delivered and we'll refund your order. 
  • Extra backs in each order. Each screw back earring order comes with an extra set of backs. Our hope is you'll accumulate a good collection in case you ever need them. It's no fun having to wait for extra backs to ship until you can wear your earrings again.
  • Thinner & shorter posts. We had custom posts made to be thinner & shorter than most other screw back earrings. Which means they shouldn't hurt being put in and won't stretch the ear holes. Being sensitive free and comfortable is super important to us. Woohoo!!
  • Custom designs. Majority of our earrings are custom designed and made just for Pierced so you won't be able to get them anywhere else. Especially with the thinner post, flat screw back and our unique clip on option.
  • Quality! All earrings are surgical grade stainless steel, hypoallergenic, lead & nickel free and 18k gold plated. 

 WHAT TYPE OF BACKS DO YOU OFFER? We have the following options:

  • Flat screw back- These are safe, comfortable (no more poked ears) and can be worn 24/7.. think playing, swimming, sleeping.. we mean it when we say 24/7. 
  • Clip (slip) on- Our clip ons are super unique because they slide on and don't clasp shut which can cause pain. We also use a plastic/resin piece which allows those with metal sensitivities to be able to wear them without irritation as well. We wanted to make sure there was an option for everyone and we feel these clip ons provide that.

HOW SOON WILL MY EARRINGS SHIP? We ship via USPS and all earring orders are sent within 1-3 business days (does not include Saturday or Sunday). Heads up- USPS could take up to 72 hours after the package being dropped off to scan your package.

All Earring Stands are made to order and ship within 10 business days (does not include Saturday or Sunday).

I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY ORDER WHAT SHOULD I DO? (damaged or incorrect): Please email hello@piercedco.com within 7 days of your package being delivered to let us know of any damage or issues and we'll get you taken care of. 

WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO CLEAN PIERCED EARRINGS? Your favorite gentle cleanser and water will do the trick. Using a bowl (away from the sink to avoid earrings and/or backs going down the drain) fill with warm water, add your cleanser and lightly use a soft toothbrush.

I LOST ONE OF MY EARRINGS OR BACKS. DO YOU SELL EXTRAS? Yes, even though every order comes with an extra set we sell extra backs and single earrings. We know things happen and we got your back.. literally!

TIPS FOR NOT LOOSING A BACK? We have a couple!

  • Either every morning or night check your backs and make sure they are still screwed on tight. While rare, this will ensure they don't get loose without you knowing and fall off. 
  • Use a rubber glove when putting the earrings on. This creates a good grip and you can get the backs extra secure and tight. Our fingers have natural oils which makes it harder to get as good of a grip like a rubber glove would.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION INFO: A fun (and extremely cute) monthly earring subscription. All earrings are surgical grade stainless steel, hypoallergenic, nickel free and 18k gold plated. Available in both flat screw back and clip on (you can read details about those options above).

    Charges are automatically ran on the 30th then the first week of each month you'll be sent a new pair of earrings. You can skip, pause or cancel at anytime.

    • Example: For June earrings you would be charged May 30th and your earrings would be sent the first week of June. 
    • Example: You signed up for the subscription on April 16th. Within 3 business days you are sent that current months earring set. Another charge will go though automatically on April 30th for the next months set (May). If you sign up anytime between the 1st -28th of the month you'll be sent the current month set and another charge will go through on the 30th for the next month. If you have any questions please email us.

    We did a LOT of research and feel we offer the best quality of earrings for the best price. We wanted to keep the subscription affordable while not alter the quality and we are so excited for you to try these out!